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Explore our Latest Wedding Gowns

Gowns are becoming a popular attire option amongst modern women for their wedding functions such as receptions, sangeet and engagement ceremonies. This increased popularity of gowns for weddings has led to an upsurge in the variety of designs and collections to explore. Both Indo-western and contemporary style gowns are equally popular amongst brides for their bridal trousseau. At Falguni Shane Peacock, we put major emphasis on providing brides with the latest designs and the most unique silhouettes to make them feel the best on their special day.


Latest Wedding Gowns at Falguni Shane Peacock

Modern women are much more accepting of new fashion choices and are willing to experiment more with different designs, silhouettes and colours. To say it more aptly, modern Indian women want to explore new folds of fashion and they want to do it confidently. Gone are the times when bridal attire used to be conservative and the choices were restrictive.

The driving force behind Falguni Shane Peacock's designs is to offer brides the best of modern fashion combined with traditional craftsmanship. Their latest wedding gowns are no less than wearable art and showcase the amalgamation of contemporary silhouettes and traditional embroidery. Every single piece is curated from luxe fabrics in vibrant hues, embellished with ornate embellishments and intricate embroidery.

Some of the most popular latest wedding gowns are:

  • Latest gown design with cape
  • Mermaid-style latest gown design
  • Off-shoulder latest gown design
  • Fitted latest gown design
  • Ball gown style latest wedding gowns
  • Latest gown design with veil
  • Saree gowns

The latest gown designs are meticulously designed and seamlessly curated to meet the current fashion needs of contemporary brides. These elaborately created gowns are replete with modern elements such as embellished capes, crystal-encrusted veils, feathered trails, detachable sleeves, feather detailing and risqué necklines. To balance out the modernity, the gowns also showcase traditional elements including intricate embroidery, traditional motifs and unique threadwork techniques.

Shop for the perfect latest wedding gown

The vibrant and unique latest gown collection at Falguni Shane Peacock is catered towards women who want to wear a one-of-a-kind creation on their special day.



What are some of the latest design gown for wedding?

Some of the latest wedding gowns for the upcoming wedding season include contemporary silhouettes, off-shoulder latest gown design, mermaid cut latest gown design, gowns with capes, feather gowns, ball gowns and more. Popular modern elements in the latest wedding gowns may include detachable sleeves, feather capes, embellished gloves, etc.

Where can I find the latest wedding gowns online?

To browse through the latest gown design, you can check out various online platforms such as designer bridal wear websites, marketplaces specialised in bridal wear and online bridal boutiques.

Are there specific fabrics that are trending for the latest wedding gowns?

For the latest gown design, the most popular fabrics are tulle, organza and satin. The fabric of the latest gown design majorly depends on your wedding. For outdoor weddings, lightweight and breathable fabrics are the preferred choice, while for more formal wedding ceremonies fabrics like lace and satin are more appropriate.

How far in advance should I start looking for the latest gown design for my wedding?

It is recommended to start looking for the latest gown design well in advance. Four to six months prior to your special day is the right time to start with the search. This gives you time to avoid any last-minute alterations and fittings and have your latest gown for women ready right on time without feeling rushed.

Can I customize the design of my latest gown for women according to my preferences?

There are many designers who let you customise the design of the latest gown for women to a certain extent. You can make changes to certain elements such as the neckline, sleeve length, etc. It is recommended to not make any major changes to your latest gown for women as it takes away the creative aspect of it.

What are some tips for choosing the right latest design gown for wedding for a specific theme?

There are several factors you need to consider when picking your wedding gown. The first thing you must consider is the design and silhouette of the gown. It should match your personal style and personality and should be something you can comfortably wear for hours. After that comes various other factors such as the fabric, embroidery, etc.

Are there budget-friendly options for the latest wedding gowns?

You can always find something to suit your budget. If you’re specifically looking for a designer wedding gown, the prince range is going to be slightly on the higher side. Designer pieces are always unique and take a lot of time to design and curate.

What accessories pair well with the latest wedding gown designs?

When it comes to accessories, the sky is the limit. Based on the style of your gown and your personal style, you can opt for various accessories. For an off-shoulder gown, a statement necklace can add a lot of character. But if you are wearing a high-neckline gown, a pair of stone-studded dangling earrings would be a better option. To complement your gown, you can also opt for a stone-encrusted crown, headpiece or even a veil.

How can I stay informed about the latest trends in wedding gown designs?

To stay up to date with the latest bridal trends, subscribe to bridal magazines, and follow top designer brands and wedding blogs on social media. If you get a chance, attend bridal expos and keep a regular check on online platforms for the latest updates on wedding gown trends.

What are some popular sleeve styles for the latest design gown for wedding?

Some of the popular sleeve styles for wedding gowns are long sleeves, puff sleeves, detachable sleeves, and singlet straps. Cold-shoulder and off-shoulder sleeve styles are also gaining popularity.

Are there specific colour trends for wedding gowns?

The most popular colours for wedding gowns for traditional Indian weddings are champagne, blush, powder blue, mauve, sage green, peach, beige, navy blue, etc.

How can I choose the latest design gown for wedding that complements my wedding aesthetic?

To match your wedding aesthetic with the bridal gown, consider factors such as the wedding venue (outdoor or indoor), the time of the wedding (daytime or nighttime), the theme of the wedding (modern contemporary or traditional), etc.

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