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Gowns were not a popular attire option for Indian women aiming to dress up for elaborate occasions such as weddings, engagements and parties. However, the popularity of traditional gown designs has skyrocketed in the last couple of decades thanks to the tireless efforts of elite designer brands like Falguni Shane Peacock. The celebrated brand has creatively brought together the new-age charm of gowns and the undying allure of traditional workmanship to fulfil the fusion fashion needs of women

These designer gowns are skilfully designed to fulfil all your fashion-related requirements. These fashion pieces are meticulously designed in distinctive contemporary silhouettes with intricate embroidery and ornate embellishments to offer unique fusion wear gowns for women online. These stunning traditional gown designs are perfect for pre-wedding events, evening parties, wedding receptions, formal events and any other elaborate gathering that requires you to dress elegantly.


Browse and shop for the latest long gown for women designs by Falguni Shane Peacock. We house a wide variety of traditional and contemporary style gowns suitable to be worn on various occasions such as:

  • Bridal Gowns
  • Wedding Gowns
  • Engagement Gowns
  • Party Gowns
  • Evening Gowns
  • Saree Gowns
  • Cocktail Gowns

The luxury designer long gown for women collection is tailored from luxe fabrics in soothing and vibrant hues replete with distinctive embroidery techniques. Come and explore an extensive range of designer gowns which are simply awe-inspiring and true compliment-getters.



What occasions are suitable for wearing a long gown?

Long gowns can be worn for a lot of elaborate occasions and celebrations such as parties, weddings, upscale parties, etc. If you are a bride-to-be, you can wear a gown design for women to your pre-wedding celebrations such as engagement, cocktail party and even reception.

Are there specific trends in traditional gown designs for women that are popular currently?

Some of the most popular traditional gown designs for women this season are gowns with capes, corset style gowns, saree gowns, ball gowns and mermaid cut gowns.

Can I wear a gown design for women to a daytime event, or are they more suitable for evenings?

A long gown for women can be worn during both daytime and evening events. For daytime events, lighter colours and minimal embroidery work best. While for nighttime events, you can opt for darker shades and ornate embellishments.

Can I find gowns for women online with sleeves for a more modest look?

Of course, you can. You can pick a gown design for women with sleeves attached or request your designer add sleeves to a sleeveless gown to match your requirements.

Can I wear a long gown for women to a casual event, or are they typically more formal?

You can wear a long gown for women to casual events as well. Just make sure the design you pick is more casual and nothing too fancy. Go for a simpler silhouette and lighter fabrics you nail the casual look.

How can I accessorise a long gown for women for an elegant look?

Statement accessories such as a pair of earrings, a chunky clutch and a ring can elegantly elevate your gown design for women.

Can I find gowns for women online with unique designs for a more dramatic look?

Yes, you can. Many designers have long gown for women collections with unique designs for a dramatic look. Look for unique silhouettes, unconventional colours, and add-on accessories such as capes, trails and shrugs.

Can I customize the length of a gown design for women to suit my height?

Yes, you can. Most designers would be able to customise the length of the gown design for women to match your height. But make sure to discuss this with your designer beforehand to make sure everything is clear.

Are there specific fabrics that are commonly used in designing gowns for women?

Fabrics such as tulle, chiffon, georgette and velvet are commonly used to make traditional gown designs. The fabric used can largely affect the look and feel of the gown.

Can I find gowns for women online with pockets for added convenience?

Pockets are a great addition to long gowns as they make it convenient for you to carry your cell phone and small nick-nacks easily. You can request your designer to add pockets to your gown design for women for added convenience.

Can I wear gowns in different seasons, or are they more suitable for specific weather?

Gowns can be worn and styled for various seasons. Lighter fabrics such as tulle are more suitable for summer, while heavier fabrics such as velvet are more apt for colder months.

How can I ensure my long gown for women fits perfectly for an event?

Make sure your measurements are accurate and don’t forget to add on special requests, if any. Schedule at least one to two fittings with your designer to ensure a perfectly fitted gown design for women.

Can I find gowns for women online with high slits for a more glamorous look?

Absolutely. Gowns with high slits are in great demand as they look glamorous and sophisticated at the same time. You can get the slit length customised to match your preference.

Can I wear a long gown for women for a destination wedding or beach event?

Yes, you can. Flowy, breathable and lightweight long gowns made from fabrics such as tulle, georgette and chiffon are perfect for to be worn at a destination wedding or a beach event.

Can I find budget-friendly options for traditional gown designs without compromising on style?

Yes, you can. You just need to explore various designer brands and boutiques to find a long gown for women that suits your budget perfectly. Look for sample sales, ready-made collections and online sales to find a bargain.

Can I wear a gown design for women to a cocktail party, or are they typically more formal?

There is no serious compulsion related to this notion. You can wear a gown design for women to a cocktail party. Long gown for women are perfect to be worn at events such as cocktail parties and engagement parties.

Can I find gowns for women online with unique embellishments, such as beadwork or sequins?

Yes, you can. Many designers incorporate ornate embellishments such as sequins, beads, stones, crystals and tassels to add a glimmering effect to their traditional gown designs.

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