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The best menswear designers in India, Falguni Shane Peacock are here to style new-age men with suave designer menswear. Explore and experiment with unique silhouettes, colours and designs to create the ultimate designer menswear ensemble. Browse through the exclusive range of designer menswear to get a taste of the luxury and creative brilliance of the best menswear designers in India.

Explore the best traditional wear for men at Falguni Shane Peacock. Browse through an extensive range of designer traditional menswear including dapper sherwanis, bandi sets and kurta sets. The latest collection of menswear at Falguni Shane Peacock comprises pure silk sherwanis, short jacket sherwanis, embroidered bandi sets, open-front sherwanis, chrome applique sherwanis and more. Every single designer piece is seamlessly tailored to offer the best collection of traditional and contemporary menswear.




Designed to perfection, the sherwani sets at Falguni Shane Peacock are seamlessly tailored for Indian grooms to look their stylish best on their big day. Shop for designer sherwanis replete with unique designs and intricate embroidery in soothing hues to make a style statement on your wedding day.


Explore the dapper bandi set collection at Falguni Shane Peacock to revive your traditional wardrobe for the upcoming wedding season. The vibrant bandi set collection is tailored to offer fashion-savvy men a taste of luxury traditional wear in sync with the latest trends. These designer bandi sets are curated from luxe raw silk fabric and showcase intricate embroidery and unique silhouettes.


The quintessential designer kurta sets are the perfect traditional option for men to showcase their sartorial choices in style. These suave kurta sets are designed for modern men who want to embrace traditional wear but with a modern touch. Explore the latest kurta set collection in soothing hues for the upcoming wedding season.



There are a few factors to consider when picking the perfect designer menswear.


The clothes you wear should reflect your style and not just a catalogue of ongoing trends. Try to decode your fashion sense and then meticulously pick designer menswear that will go with your style’s aesthetic.


Different occasions require different attires. It is indispensable to pick menswear that is in sync with the occasion you are attending. Formal and semi-formal events demand you to dress up in formal attire such as shirts, trousers, suits, tuxedos, etc. For traditional events, Indian wear such as sherwanis, kurtas and bandhgalas are more suitable.


If you’re attending a theme-based or colour-specific event, pick a menswear designer outfit that matches or complements the theme and colour scheme.


The weather plays a major role in deciding the clothes you pick. For example, a beach wedding or event may not be an ideal situation to wear a thick fabric or anything with heavy embroidery. A more appropriate option would be lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen with very light embroidery or detailing.



What factors should I consider when choosing the best outfit for men?

The major factors you need to consider when picking menswear are personal style and ongoing fashion trends.

Can I find designer menswear online, and how do I choose the best menswear designers in India?

Yes, you can shop for designer menswear collection online. Explore the best menswear designers in India that align with your style preference and check out their latest collection of menswear.

Are there specific trends in menswear online that are popular currently?

Some of the popular ongoing trends in menswear online are contemporary silhouettes, intricate embroidery, bold prints and softer colours. Unique cuts and fabrics are also gaining popularity with new-age designers.

Can I customise the colour of my menswear to match a specific theme or event?

Absolutely. You can customise the colour of your designer menswear to match the theme of a specific event.

Can I wear designer menswear to casual events?

Of course, you can wear designer menswear to casual events. Just make sure to find designer pieces which you pick have a casual look to them and are not too elaborate.

How can I style designer menswear for a modern and contemporary look?

To achieve a modern contemporary look with your menswear collection, pick pieces that have a contemporary feel to them. Consider adding accessories such as a watch and a pair of stylish footwear to create a contemporary vibe.

Can I find a menswear collection with unconventional fabrics and textures?

Yes, you can find a menswear collection curated from unconventional fabrics such as leather. New-age designers are also experimenting with sustainable materials and unique elements to create textures for modern menswear.

Can I wear designer menswear to weddings and formal events?

Absolutely. You can wear and style designer menswear for weddings as well as formal events with the same panache. For formal events, stick to simpler silhouettes and colours. For weddings, you can explore vibrant colours, embroideries and silhouettes.

How can I find budget-friendly options for menswear online without compromising on style?

Explore designer wear collections in your budget. If you can, wait for sales, and discounts and also explore ready-to-wear collections to find budget-friendly options.

Can I find a menswear collection with sustainable or eco-friendly options?

Some designers are focused on creating a menswear collection using organic fabrics, following only ethical production practices. You can get more info regarding this by simply asking your best menswear designers in India regarding the same.

Can I customise the fit of my menswear online for a more personalised look?

Yes, you can. Most designers offer customisation services, allowing the client to customise the fit of the menswear for a more personalised and tailored fit.

Can I find a menswear collection with unique and artistic prints or patterns?

Yes, you can. The best menswear designers in India love to incorporate unique patterns, prints and artistic elements into their menswear collections for those looking for statement, eye-catching pieces.

How can I accessorise menswear for a polished and complete look?

Depending on the aesthetic of the outfit, you can add accessories such as watches, necklaces and matching footwear to elevate the overall look of your designer ensemble.

Can I wear designer menswear to work, or is it typically reserved for special occasions?

Designer menswear is not reserved for special occasions. Pick work-appropriate designer pieces and style them with basic accessories such as a watch and a pair of formal shoes to create a designer formal look.

Can I find a menswear collection inspired by cultural or regional influences?

Yes, you can. Look for a menswear collection inspired by cultural and regional influences. Designers include motifs and embroideries inspired by various regions and cultures in their designs.

How can I ensure my designer menswear fits perfectly for an event?

Get your designer menswear customised to fit you perfectly. Ensure your measurement is accurate and communicate any specific requirements beforehand. Schedule a fitting with your best menswear designers in India before the event to ensure the clothes fit perfectly.

Can I wear designer menswear to a beach event?

Of course, you can. Pick a designer piece tailored from lightweight and breathable material such as cotton and linen with minimal detailing for a beach event.

Can I find menswear online with unconventional cuts or asymmetrical designs?

Yes, you can find designer menswear online with unconventional designs, asymmetrical cuts and contemporary silhouettes to add a modern touch to the ensemble.

How can I choose the right footwear to complement my menswear ensemble?

The type of footwear you pick depends majorly on the aesthetic of your designer ensemble. For a formal and semi-formal ensemble, dressy leather shoes are the best match. For a traditional look, you can opt for juttis, open leather sandals and even boots.

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