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In Indian traditional weddings, engagement ceremonies are an elaborate affair and are celebrated with great pomp and show. Engagement sherwani for men is the quintessential traditional attire for men to dress up for elaborate occasions and wedding festivities, including engagement ceremonies. The engagement sherwani for grooms needs to be sophisticated and elegant, but at the same time extravagant enough to match the grandeur of the occasion.



There was a time when men used to struggle with finding the perfect sherwani for engagement, as there were only a few options to explore. But with the advancement of fashion, men are spoilt for choice when it comes to traditional wear. The variety they get to explore today is exquisite and elaborate. From distinctive fabrics to intricate embroidery patterns, there is so much variety to explore.



Browse through an alluring range of designer engagement sherwani for grooms at Falguni Shane Peacock. The enchanting collection of these designer sherwanis is replete with luxe fabrics, ornate embellishments and traditional motifs, offering the perfect engagement sherwani for grooms. Explore the best designer groomswear at Falguni Shane Peacock.



Q:What is an engagement sherwani for grooms?

An engagement sherwani for grooms is an Indian traditional attire worn by grooms on special occasions such as festive occasions, weddings, engagement ceremonies, receptions and other celebratory occasions. A sherwani for engagement usually features rich colours, intricate embroidery and sophisticated designs.

Q:What should I consider when selecting a sherwani for engagement?

It would be best if you considered some crucial factors when picking a sherwani for engagement. Some of those factors include personal style, colour preferences, fabric, embroidery work and the theme of the engagement ceremony.

Q:What are the popular colours for engagement sherwani for grooms?

Popular colours for engagement sherwani for men include ivory, beige, gold, mint green, lilac, blush pink, navy blue, etc. But the sherwani colour you pick for your engagement ceremony depends heavily on your personal preference.

Q:Where can I find engagement sherwanis for grooms?

There are numerous options to explore when looking for an engagement sherwani for men. Check out the latest collections at various online marketplaces, designer boutiques, bridal boutiques and traditional clothing stores that specialise in traditional wear.

Q:What are the trending designs for engagement sherwanis for grooms?

Popular engagement sherwani designs include intricate embroidery patterns, traditional motifs and classic or contemporary silhouettes. However, asymmetric hemlines, fusion styles, and modern embellishments are also gaining popularity.

Q:How do I ensure the perfect fit for my sherwani for engagement?

To ensure a seamless fit, start with accurate body measurements and always go to an experienced designer or tailor who specialises in traditional wear. If you are ordering a pre-stitched sherwani online, make sure to choose your size carefully. When in doubt, always pick a size bigger.

Q:Can I wear accessories with my sherwani for engagement?

Yes, you can accessorise your engagement sherwani for groom to elevate your overall look. A turban (safa), traditional footwear (mojdi), jewellery (necklaces or brooches) and a pocket square are some of the popular accessories to style your engagement sherwani for men.

Q:How far in advance should I purchase my sherwani for engagement?

It is recommended to start looking for your sherwani as early as possible. To avoid any last-minute urgency, you should finalise your engagement sherwani for groom three to four months in advance.

Q:What is the typical price range for engagement sherwani for grooms?

The usual price range for an engagement sherwani for groom may vary depending on various factors such as the brand, intricacy, fabric, etc. Engagement sherwani for men prices may start from as low as a couple of thousand bucks and may cost as high as a few lakhs.

Q:Can I rent a sherwani for engagement instead of buying one?

Renting an engagement sherwani for groom is a great way to save a lot of money. Many rental stores offer traditional wedding wear for both men and women at a fraction of the cost of the actual outfit.

Q:Should the engagement sherwani for groom match the bride's outfit?

There is no such compulsion that the groom needs to match his sherwani with the bride’s outfit. Though it is a good idea to colour-coordinate the bride and groom’s outfits for a cohesive look.

Q:What are some tips for maintaining my sherwani for men engagement after the ceremony?

To keep your sherwani for engagement looking brand new, follow the care instructions provided by the designer or retailer. Usually, these instructions include dry cleaning and storing the sherwani in a garment bag, stored away from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place.

Q:Can I customise my engagement sherwani for groom to incorporate personal elements?

Yes, you can customise your sherwani for men engagement by adding personalised elements such as the initials of the significant other and special motifs to make it more unique.

Q:What should I wear underneath my sherwani for engagement?

Usually, sherwanis are accompanied by a matching or complementing kurta underneath. The sherwani is paired with a pair of churidar, or well-fitted pants and a dupatta to create a cohesive look.

Q:Can I wear a sherwani for men engagement for other pre-wedding events?

Yes, you can wear and style your sherwani for men engagement for various other occasions, such as mehendi, receptions, festive celebrations and other celebratory events.

Q:What should I do if I'm indecisive between different sherwani designs?

With markets flooding with a massive variety of engagement sherwani for men, it is normal for grooms to feel overwhelmed when looking for the perfect sherwani design for engagement. If you encounter such a situation, it is best to take some time and analyse your requirements and style. Ask your close friends and family for suggestions and then make a choice.

Q:Is it appropriate to incorporate modern elements into a traditional sherwani for men engagement?

Yes, you can combine traditional and contemporary elements in your engagement sherwani for men to create a balanced fusion look.

Q:Can I purchase a sherwani online, and if so, what precautions should I take?

The best part about purchasing your sherwani for men engagement online is that you can browse an enormous range of options without putting in much effort or time. Online shopping has made things very convenient for grooms. But at the same time, you need to be cautious when shopping online. Before you decide to get your sherwani online, read the customer review, check the size chart, verify the shipping and return policy, and shop from only reputable websites.

Q:What if I need alterations or adjustments to my sherwani for engagement?

In case you need to alter your sherwani for men engagement, most stores offer alteration services to their clients. To ensure a seamless fit, schedule fittings with your designer or retailer well in advance to avoid any last-minute disturbance.

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