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Lehenga sets are one of the most loved traditional wear and are preferred by most brides as their wedding wear. A lehenga set comprises a skirt (lehenga), a blouse (choli) and a stole (dupatta). The three-piece attire is often made from rich fabrics in vibrant hues, often adorned with intricate embroidery patterns and ornate embellishments.

Lehenga sets are not your usual everyday outfits and are worn on special occasions such as weddings, festive celebrations and other celebratory occasions.



At Falguni Shane Peacock, you can explore an exquisite range of the lehenga designs for women including wedding lehengas, partywear lehengas, engagement lehenga designs for women, sangeet lehenga designs for women, mehendi lehengas, reception lehengas and cocktail lehengas. Here is what you can expect from the designer lehenga range by the coveted designer brand.


Make your bridal dreams come true with an extensive range of bridal lehengas designed for modern brides. The bridal lehenga designs for women at Falguni Shane Peacock are tailored from rich fabrics and showcase intricate embroidery patterns and ornate embellishments. Available in traditional reds and contemporary ivory, these bridal lehengas are the perfect amalgamation of traditional silhouettes coupled with contemporary elements.


Reception is the night when brides can freely experiment with unconventional designs and colours. The reception lehengas by Falguni Shane Peacock showcase unconventional silhouettes, design elements and colours to create one-of-a-kind reception lehenga designs for women. Ivory, metallic and pastel colours combined with unique silhouettes and quirky blouse designs are the common elements of these unorthodox reception lehenga designs for women.


Explore a remarkable range of partywear lehengas at Falguni Shane Peacock and flaunt your sartorial choices like a true fashionista. The partywear lehenga designs for women at Falguni Shane Peacock are a rendition of contemporary silhouettes, modern elements and unorthodox designs. Replete with detachable elements such as capes, trails, drapes, feather accents and shrugs, these lehenga designs for women are a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe.


Sangeet nights are the epitome of dancing, eating and merry-making, and therefore it is crucial to wear a lehenga which is fun, quirky and in sync with the latest fashion fads. The sangeet lehenga designs for women at Falguni Shane Peacock showcase contemporary style-inspired lehenga designs for women with distinctive blouse designs and lehenga silhouettes.


The haldi ceremony marks the beginning of wedding festivities and is celebrated with great pomp and show. Most brides opt for a yellow coloured lehenga for the haldi ceremony, but you can choose to wear any colour of your choice. The haldi lehengas at Falguni Shane Peacock are available in a variety of colours, silhouettes and designs to cater to different bridal requirements.


Browse through an alluring collection of engagement lehengas by Falguni Shane Peacock. These detailed lehenga designs for women are replete with intricate embroidery patterns, modern embellishments and contemporary design elements such as feather shrugs, embellished tulle capes, feather accents, etc. Tailored from rich fabrics, these one-of-a-kind lehengas can be explored in a variety of colours. These lehenga designs for women are paired with uniquely designed blouse styles including corset style, one-shoulder detailing, bralette style, plunging necklines, etc.


The mehendi ceremony also holds great significance and is one of the most crucial ceremonies in indian traditional weddings. For the mehendi ceremony, the bride needs to wear something light and comfortable. At Falguni Shane Peacock, we have the best mehendi lehenga designs that will make you look stylish and will also keep you comfortable throughout the ceremony. Come explore the best of designer mehendi lehengas.



Q: How can I stay updated with the lehenga for women trends?

The best way to stay updated with the lehenga for women trends is through fashion magazines, social media platforms, fashion bloggers, etc. You can also follow your favourite fashion designers to stay updated with the lehenga for women trends.

Q: What are some popular elements of the designer lehenga for women?

Some of the popular elements with the designer lehenga for women include traditional motifs, intricate embroidery patterns, contemporary silhouettes, unique blouse designs and rich fabrics such as silk, tulle, etc.

Q: How do I choose the designer bridal lehenga for wedding for my wedding?

When picking the perfect designer bridal lehenga, consider various factors such as your style preference, the wedding theme, the destination and your budget. Get a lehenga design that resonates with your style and will make you feel confident.

Q: What are some tips for styling the lehenga for women for a wedding or special occasion?

Some of the easiest styling tips to style your lehenga designs for women would be to coordinate the accessories such as the jewellery, shoes and handbags. Along with that, pick a hair and makeup look that complements your lehenga for women look.

Q: Are there any emerging trends in the designer lehenga for women?

Some of the emerging trends in the designer lehenga for women include unique colour combinations, amalgamation of traditional and contemporary elements, modern interpretation of traditional embroidery and sustainable fashion practices.

Q: How can I ensure the authenticity of the designer bridal lehenga for wedding I purchase?

To ensure the authenticity of your designer bridal lehenga, get it directly from the designer’s official website or outlet, or a trusted marketplace. Look for certificates of authenticity or authentication tags provided by the brand or designer.

Q: What are some budget-friendly options for acquiring the designer lehenga for women designs?

To find a budget-friendly designer lehenga, explore ready-to-wear collections, shop during sales or end-of-seasons, rent designer lehenga designs for women, or opt for a customised lehenga for women from local boutiques and local artisans.

Q: Can I customize the designer bridal lehenga for wedding according to my preferences?

Yes, you can customise the design of your bridal lehenga to match your style preference. You can change the colour, fabric, silhouette and embroidery pattern to create a lehenga design that perfectly matches your requirements and vision.

Q: How far in advance should I start looking for the designer lehenga for women for my wedding?

It is recommended to start looking for a bridal lehenga at least 5-6 months before your wedding day or as soon as you finalise the wedding date. This way you get enough time to browse through various options, go for fittings, and get alterations and customisation, if any. This ensures that you find the perfect lehenga without rushing.

Q: What are some popular colour choices for the lehenga designs for women?

Traditional bridal colours such as red, maroon and shades of pink are always a popular choice with brides. Apart from those, pastel colours such as blush pink, lilac, peach, mint green, etc, have also gained popularity. Gold and emerald green are also a hit among brides who want to make a bold statement.

Q: How can I incorporate the lehenga for women trends into my traditional wedding attire?

You can incorporate the lehenga for women design elements in your traditional wedding attire by experimenting with modern blouse designs, opting for contemporary interpretations of traditional silhouettes, or adding trendy accessories such as embellished waist belts or capes to your ensemble.

Q: What factors should I consider when selecting the fabric for the designer lehenga for women?

When choosing the fabric for your bridal lehenga, consider factors such as the look you want to achieve, the climate, the comfort factor, and the feel of the outfit. Fabrics such as tulle, silk, velvet and georgette are some of the popular fabric options for bridal lehenga.

Q: What are some online resources or platforms where I can stay updated on the lehenga for women trends?

To stay updated with the lehenga for women trends, follow fashion blogs, browse through fashion websites, subscribe to fashion magazines and follow your favourite designer brands on social media.

Q: Can I mix and match pieces from different lehenga designs for women to create a unique ensemble?

Yes, you can mix and match elements from different lehenga designs to create a personalised lehenga for a unique look.

Q: What are some timeless elements I should look for in the designer bridal lehenga for wedding to ensure it remains classic for years to come?

Some of the timeless elements you need to look for in the designer bridal lehenga for weddings are intricate embroidery patterns, classic colour palettes, high-quality craftsmanship and evergreen silhouettes that can be styled in different ways for different occasions and not just for weddings.

Q: How can I stay within budget while purchasing the designer bridal lehenga for wedding?

To ensure you don’t go overboard with your designer bridal lehenga budget, consider options with simpler designs with minimal embellishments, renting your bridal lehenga, exploring mid-range designer brands or making your lehenga purchase during sample sales or off-season sales.

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