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Make your bridal dreams come true with the vibrantly diverse range of wedding lehenga designs at Falguni Shane Peacock. A wedding lehenga holds great significance in every bride’s life as she wants to look her best on the wedding day and the wedding lehenga plays a crucial part in making her feel that way. Explore the extensive selection of wedding lehengas at Falguni Shane Peacock, available in vibrant hues replete with intricate embroidery, ornate embellishments and contemporary elements to make your bridal vision come to life.



Embellished wedding lehenga designs

Explore the exquisite collection of embellished wedding lehenga designs by Falguni Shane Peacock. These one-of-a-kind lehenga designs are replete withornate embellishments such as sequins, stones, crystals, tassels, beads and feathers to create a heavily embellished look. Shop for our embellished lehengas available in a wide range of colours and silhouettes.

Chrome applique wedding lehenga designs

For brides who are seeking comfort and opulence at the same time, we offer you an exclusive range of chrome applique wedding lehenga designs. Theselehengas are lighter than your average wedding lehengas but look just as extravagant. You can explore these magnificent lehengas available in soothing hues replete with chrome applique detailing.

Red wedding lehenga designs

Red wedding lehenga designs never go out of style. Even with the evolution of bridal fashion, a lot of modern-age brides prefer to wear a red bridal lehenga for their wedding day. A redwedding lehenga for women is not only a traditional pick but also makes the bride look more radiant. You can explore our vivid range of red lehengas in traditional as well as contemporary designspaired with modern blouse designs and accessories such as tulle veils, feather shrugs, long trails and capes.

Pastel wedding lehenga designs

Pastel lehengas are all the rage among modern brides, especially for daytime weddings. Mint green, powder pink, lilac, beiges, ivory, etc., are some ofthe popular picks for wedding lehenga designs. The pastel lehenga collection at Falguni Shane Peacock is replete with traditional-style lehengas for wedding and contemporary lehengas with modern blouse designs. This exquisite collection of thebest designer lehenga for wedding is festooned with ornate embellishments such as beads, crystals, stones, sequins, tassels and feathers.



What factors should I consider when choosing a wedding lehenga design?

Your style and preference are the most important factors when picking your wedding lehenga for women. Other factors that should be considered while choosing your wedding lehenga are the wedding theme, cultural preferences, wedding destination, etc.

Are there specific wedding lehenga designs that are popular currently?

This season, some of the best designer lehenga for wedding are chrome applique lehengas, feather lehengas, embellished lehengas, cape lehengas, wedding lehengas with trails, mermaid-cut lehengas, etc.

How can I find the best designer lehenga for wedding that suits my budget?

If you explore thoroughly, you can find numerous designers in your budget. Keep an eye out for sample sales and seasonal sales to find a good deal. You can also explore readymade collections to find a designer wedding lehenga for women in your budget.

Can I customise the embroidery on my wedding lehenga for women to match my preferences?

Yes, you can customise the embroidery of your wedding lehenga for women as per your preference. Many designers allow customisation options for the embroidery, colour and design to match your style.

How far in advance should I start looking for my wedding lehenga for women?

It is advisable to start looking for your wedding lehenga 4-6 months before the wedding as it gives you ample time for any customisation, alterations and fittings.

Can I wear my wedding lehenga for other post-wedding events or functions?

Of course, you can re-wear your wedding lehenga for women to other post-wedding functions and festive occasions. You can also re-wear different components of your best designer lehenga for wedding separately. For example, you can wear your lehenga blouse with a saree to create an opulent saree look.

What fabrics are commonly used in lehengas for wedding?

Some of the commonly used fabrics for wedding lehengas are georgette, tulle and silk. The fabric you pick for your lehenga can drastically alter the overall look of your best designer lehenga for wedding.

How can I ensure that my wedding lehenga is comfortable for long hours during the wedding ceremony?

Lehengas for wedding are fairly heavy with all the embroidery and embellishments and may lead to discomfort when worn for extended hours. An obvious way to avoid the discomfort is to pick a wedding lehenga for women that is on the lighter side. Also, make sure the embroidery won’t rub or touch your skin to cause a rash or blister.

Are there specific colour traditions for lehengas for wedding?

Certain colours are traditionally preferred by brides. These colours include red, maroon and shades of pink. But with time, brides are picking unconventional colours such as blue, green, pastel colours such as mint green and lilac, ivory and beige for their wedding lehenga for women. Jewel tones and metallic shades have also gained popularity amongst brides.

Can I find lehengas for wedding with a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements?

Yes, you can find designer lehengas for wedding which are the perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary elements. Traditional motifs combined with contemporary elements such as capes, shrugs, trails, etc., are popular with fashion-savvy brides.

What accessories should I pair with my wedding lehenga for a complete bridal look?

The accessories you pair with your wedding lehenga for women depend on your style and preference. But common accessories used by brides are statement jewellery pieces such as necklaces, earrings, maang tikka, finger rings, nose rings, anklets, etc. Hair accessories and flowers are also used to complete the bridal look. Additional accessories such as a waistbelt, kaleeras, etc. can also be added to enhance the look further.

Are there specific considerations for choosing bridal footwear with a wedding lehenga?

The bridal footwear you choose depends on your comfort level. Pick a heel shape and size which you think is suitable for you. Find a good quality pair of footwear and try wearing it a few times before the wedding day to check if you’re comfortable in it or not.

Can I find the best designer lehenga for wedding that incorporates cultural or regional influences?

Yes, you can ask your designer if they have wedding lehenga for women designs influenced by cultural diversity. if not, you can request the designer to customise a wedding lehenga incorporating your chosen colour, motifs and embroidery techniques.

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