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Latest wedding sherwani for men by Falguni Shane Peacock


Step into the world of fashion opulence with Falguni Shane Peacock—a renowned global luxury fashion house celebrated for its extraordinary expertise in crafting impeccable wedding sherwanis for men. With an illustrious legacy spanning to nearly two decades, these visionary designers have pushed the boundaries of creativity, infusing chrome appliques and intricate hand-embroideries into their masterful creations.

These designer sherwanis tailored by Falguni Shane Peacock are a testament to the brand's commitment to luxury and grandeur. It combines traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in a garment that is both regal and fashion-forward.

These latest designer sherwanis for men are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, using rich fabrics, exuding a sense of luxury and sophistication. Continue to scroll to know everything that sets Falguni Shane Peacock's sherwani for the groom a cut above the rest.


Everything you need to know about the latest designer sherwani for men


What makes Falguni Shane Peacock's designer sherwani one-of-its-kind?

Falguni Shane Peacock offers a unique collection of designer sherwani for men that combine timeless elegance, contemporary flair and intricate embroideries. These designer wedding sherwanis are specially tailored for special occasions such as weddings, sangeet and engagements–adding a touch of style and luxury that is distinctive, refined and extraordinary.

The exceptional quality of the latest designer sherwanis for men at Falguni Shane Peacock can be discovered at their online and offline stores.


Best wedding sherwanis to explore at Falguni Shane Peacock?

Falguni Shane Peacock is renowned for their exclusive and trendy collection of sherwanis for the groom. One can explore a variety of prominent kurta sets, including the open sherwani set, closed sherwani set and bundi kurta set, while looking for an ideal one to grace on their big day.

The open sherwani set consists of an open sherwani, a raw silk kurta and similar fabric pants. The closed sherwani set includes a sherwani and raw silk pants. The bundi set features a raw silk kurta, raw silk pants and a nehru jacket. These kurta sets are meticulously designed with intricate embroidery and chrome applique, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship.

Falguni Shane Peacock's bundi sets are characterised by their Chinese collars and vibrant hues, exuding a sense of sophistication and flawlessness. To experience the grandeur of Falguni Shane Peacock's creations, you can explore their online and offline stores.


How to style a wedding sherwani for a groom?

Styling a wedding sherwani for a groom involves careful consideration of various elements to create a sophisticated and memorable look. Here are some tips on how to style a wedding sherwani for a groom:

  • Choose the right sherwani design: Select a sherwani style that suits your personal taste and complements your style. Consider details such as the silhouette, length, collar style and sleeve length.
  • Coordinate colours: Coordinate the colours of your sherwani with the overall wedding theme and the bride's attire. Opt for rich, regal colours like deep maroon, royal blue or elegant ivory. Make sure the colours of your sherwani harmonise well with the rest of your ensemble.
  • Embellishments and embroidery: Intricate embellishments and embroidery add a touch of opulence to the sherwani. Choose designs that reflect your personal style and preferences.
  • Accessories: Pay attention to accessories that complement the sherwani. Opt for a matching turban or safa, adorned with a brooch or traditional ornament. Coordinate your footwear with the outfit, choosing traditional juttis or mojris. A stylish stole can add a refined touch to the overall look.
  • Personalise the look: Incorporate elements that represent your personality and heritage. This can include adding personalised embroidery, incorporating traditional motifs or wearing accessories that hold sentimental value.
  • Fit and tailoring: Ensure that the sherwani is well-fitted and tailored to your measurements. A well-fitted sherwani enhances your appearance and provides comfort throughout the wedding festivities.

Remember, the most important aspect of styling a wedding sherwani is to feel confident and comfortable in what you wear. Take your time, experiment with different combinations and consult with a professional stylist or designer if needed.


How to wear a wedding sherwani dupatta?

Wearing a wedding sherwani dupatta can add an elegant touch to your attire. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to wear a wedding sherwani dupatta:

  • Fold the dupatta
  • Drape over the shoulder
  • Adjust the length
  • Secure with a brooch
  • Create pleats
  • Drape across the chest
  • Secure with a pin

For the final adjustment, take a moment to adjust the draping of the dupatta, ensuring that it falls gracefully and enhances your overall appearance. Make any necessary tweaks to the placement of pleats or folds to achieve the desired effect.


What is a designer sherwani?

A designer sherwani refers to a sherwani that has been created by a renowned fashion designer or a luxury fashion brand. It is a high-end and exclusive version of the traditional sherwani, crafted with careful attention to detail, unique design elements and the use of premium fabrics and embellishments.


What to wear under a designer sherwani for men?

When wearing a designer sherwani for men, there are a few options for what to wear underneath to ensure a polished and comfortable look. Here are some common choices:

  • Kurta
  • Jodhpuri suit
  • Bandhgala jacket
  • Waistcoat


How to measure a wedding sherwani for a groom?

Measuring a designer sherwani accurately is crucial to ensure a proper fit and a well-tailored look. Here are the steps to measure a sherwani:

Note: Ensure that the tape measure is levelled and comfortable but not too loose.

  • Chest: Measure the circumference of your chest at the widest part, usually just below the armpits
  • Waist: Measure the circumference of your natural waistline, which is typically the narrowest part of your waist.
  • Hips: Measure the circumference of your hips at the widest part, usually the back portion of it.
  • Shoulder Width: Measure the distance between the outer edges of your shoulders. Ensure that the measuring tape is straight and positioned at the base of your neck where the shoulder seam would be.
  • Sleeve Length: Start measuring from the outer edge of your shoulder, near the end of the collar and extend the tape measure down to the desired sleeve length. Typically, it ends just before the wrist bone or where you prefer the sleeve to fall.
  • Neck: Measure the circumference of your neck at its base, where the collar typically sits.
  • Sherwani Length: Measure the length from the highest point of your shoulder down to the desired length of the sherwani. It can fall above the knees, at the knees or below the knees, based on your preference.
  • Optional: If you have specific preferences for the fitting, you can also measure the bicep, wrist and other relevant areas that you want to ensure a precise fit.


What footwear to wear with a wedding sherwani?

When it comes to choosing footwear to wear with a wedding sherwani, there are a few options that can complement your attire. Here are some popular choices:

  • Mojari/Jutti
  • Khussa
  • Embroidered Loafers
  • Classic Leather Shoes


Best wedding sherwanis for groom 2023-24?

Discovering the perfect sherwani for men can often be overwhelming but with the assistance of top luxury fashion designers, the process becomes effortless.

Falguni Shane Peacock are renowned for their collection of high-fashion men's sherwanis, which exude style, sophistication and elegance. When in search of exquisite designer sherwani, exploring the offerings at Falguni Shane Peacock's atelier is an absolute must.

Whether it's the Gabin open sherwani set or the Bernard close sherwani set, the designers pay meticulous attention to even the smallest fashion details that every man desires to showcase. Therefore, your quest for the latest designer sherwani for men will undoubtedly conclude at Falguni Shane Peacock's online and offline stores.


Where can I buy designer sherwani for men?

For the finest latest designer sherwani for men, choose only the best. Explore the luxurious atelier of Falguni Shane Peacock that offers a wide range of exquisitely crafted wedding sherwanis.

Whether you prefer shopping online or visiting the stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, the team ensures the best assistance. Make your call today.


Which is the best online shopping site to buy the latest designer sherwani for men?

Falguni Shane Peacock can prove to be a great platform for wedding wardrobe needs. From bringing the best in quality to surprising trendsetting silhouettes, the designer duo ensures they're only bringing the best.

One can explore their latest collection of designer sherwanis at online stores and experience the best of assistance to glam your big day in elevated style-statement.


Which colours should I explore when looking for sherwanis for a groom?

Here are some colours that are often considered as excellent options when exploring sherwanis for the groom:

  • Ivory/Off-white
  • Pastel Colours
  • Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Gold
  • Maroon/Burgundy


What are the factors to consider when buying wedding sherwani for grooms?

Here's what one must consider when buying the latest designer sherwani for grooms:

  • Identify designs that you would like to explore.
  • Determine a budget for your purchase.
  • Initiate the search at least three months before the wedding.
  • Maintain effective communication with the designer to ensure the customisation of your chosen designer sherwani.
  • Once you receive your wedding sherwani, try it on and request alterations or fittings if necessary.


Who is the most popular designer for wedding sherwanis?

For nearly two decades, Falguni Shane Peacock has been a prominent luxury fashion house with a global presence, renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship of classic men's sherwanis. These sherwanis embody exceptional embroideries, superior quality and a perpetually youthful style that perfectly complements the charismatic essence of a man.

Celebrities from the Bollywood industry have shown immense admiration for the creations that nestle at the atelier. Whether it's the iconic Shahrukh Khan or the rising star Ishan Khattar, these celebrities are completely captivated by the extraordinary creations crafted by this fashion house. As a result, Falguni Shane Peacock have become the most sought-after designers for men's sherwanis, admired and adored by both celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike.


How long does it take to ship a designer wedding sherwani?

Once you have selected your choice of wedding sherwani at Falguni Shane Peacock and placed your order, the team will ship it to you within four to six weeks from the confirmation date. To browse the extensive collection, scroll through the online and offline stores.


On what occasions can I wear a designer sherwani for men?

Here are some occasions where wearing a designer sherwani would put you in to spotlight:

  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Engagements
  • Receptions
  • Cultural events
  • Award functions and red-carpet events


Can I order the latest designer sherwani for men by Falguni Shane Peacock online?

Yes, Falguni Shane Peacock offers the convenience of ordering sherwanis online. The luxury fashion house allows you to browse through its collection and make your purchase from the comfort of your home.

With online ordering, your chosen sherwani will be delivered straight to your doorstep. You can place your order through various channels such as WhatsApp, emails or by requesting virtual assistance. The dedicated team at Falguni Shane Peacock will ensure that your preferences are taken into account to create your wedding sherwani. To select your favourite sherwani, explore the online stores at Falguni Shane Peacock.


Are the wedding sherwanis for men at Falguni Shane Peacock customisable?

Yes, the wedding sherwanis for men at Falguni Shane Peacock are customisable.

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