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Sharara set for women has been a popular traditional attire, loved for its versatility and comfort. The regal attire has a unique silhouette comprising a short kurta and a pair of flared pants making it the perfect traditional attire for all kinds of festivities.

The quintessential traditional attire gives you the feel of wearing a lehenga but in a more comfortable and easy-to-carry silhouette. The loose-fitted sharara pants are a great alternative to the usual churidars and fitted pants you get with kurtas.


Sharara set for women is the perfect attire for all sorts of occasions that require you to dress extravagantly in traditional attire. Wedding ceremonies, festival celebrations, traditional ceremonies, etc., are the perfect occasions to get dressed in a sharara set for women.

If you are heading to an elaborate event such as a wedding or party, it is indispensable to dress up in an elaborate sharara suit design tailored from rich fabrics, replete with exquisite embroidery and embellishments for a regal look. Pick from a vivid range of colours and fabrics to find your ideal sharara set for women at Falguni Shane Peacock.



What occasions are suitable for wearing a sharara set for women?

Sharara sets are versatile garments that can worn for various occasions such as weddings, parties, cultural events and festive celebrations.

Can I find a designer sharara set for women online, and how do I choose the right one?

Yes, many designers offer a variety of sharara sets to cater to all your requirements. You can pick one based on the occasion, colour, fabric and the overall style to suit your preferences.

Are there specific trends in sharara suit designs that are popular currently?

Some of the popular sharara suit designs for 2024 are embellished sharara pants, contrasting colour combinations and short kurta styles paired with sharara bottoms. Designers these days are also experimenting with unique silhouettes and cuts.

Can I customise the colour of my sharara set for women to match a specific theme or event?

Yes, you can. Talk to your designer about your requirements beforehand to avoid any confusion.

Can I wear a sharara set for women to office events or formal gatherings?

Yes, you can wear a sharara suit design for office events and formal gatherings. Pick a women sharara set with subtle embroidery and minimal design and embellishments. Look for solid colours or simple prints to create a professional look.

How can I style a sharara suit design for a modern and contemporary look?

Experiment with women sharara sets with different silhouettes and modern cuts. Style your sharara suit design with statement jewellery pieces, bags and sleek footwear to achieve a modern and contemporary look.

Can I find women sharara sets with unconventional fabrics and textures?

Yes, you can. Designers these days are experimenting with unconventional fabrics like tulle, brocade and velvet along with embellishments such as sequins and crystals to create a unique sharara suit design.

Can I wear a sharara set for women to traditional ceremonies and religious functions?

Yes, you can. Pick a designer sharara suit design replete with traditional colours and motifs to match the aesthetic of the event.

Can I find budget-friendly options for women sharara sets without compromising on style?

If you are looking for budget-friendly sharara sets, readymade collections are your best bet. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales and discounts to find a designer sharara set in your budget.

Can I find sharara sets for women with ready-made or pre-stitched options for convenience?

Yes, a lot of designer stores have pre-stitched women sharara sets available for convenience. These pre-stitched designer sharara sets are perfect if you’re short on time and need a designer outfit.

Can I customize the length of my sharara pants for a more personalised fit?

Yes, you can. A lot of designers offer customisation. You can adjust the length, design and flair for a personalised fit. Discuss this with your designer beforehand to avoid any disruption later.

Can I find a sharara set for women with unique and artistic prints?

Yes, you can. With so many talented designers out there, you are bound to find unique, artistic print sharara sets. You can explore a vibrant range of women sharara sets with floral prints, geometric motifs, abstract patterns, and more.

Can I wear a sharara set for women to a daytime event, or are they more suitable for evenings?

Women sharara sets can be worn for both daytime and night-time events. For daytime events, pick a sharara suit design in lighter hues and embroidery. Darker colours with heavy embellishments are ideal for night-time events.

How can I accessorize a designer sharara suit design for a complete and elegant look?

You can choose to accessorise the designer sharara set as per your style. Add a pair of statement earrings, a head accessory such as a passa, a matching clutch and a stylish pair of heels to complete the look.

Can I find a designer sharara set with high slits?

High slits are a great way to make your designer sharara set look more glamorous. Yes, you can find a sharara suit design with high slits or you can also ask your designer to modify the design of the sharara set with high slits.

How can I ensure my sharara suit design is on-trend and fashionable?

To stay updated with the latest trends, follow fashion designers and fashion bloggers, and subscribe to fashion magazines. Pick a design that resonates with your style.

Can I wear a sharara set to a beach event?

If it matches the aesthetic and theme of the event, then of course you can. Pick a sharara set which is lightweight and made out of a breathable material such as chiffon or tulle.

How can I choose the right footwear to complement my designer sharara set?

The type of footwear option you choose to wear with your sharara set depends on the length of your sharara pants and your preference. Both flats and heels can be styled with your sharara set.

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