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Kurta sets are probably one of the most convenient and comfortable traditional wear options out there. The usually three-piece attire is loved by Indian women for its versatility. The traditional garment can be worn on a day-to-day basis as well as for special occasions. Party wear kurta sets are anything like your regular wear kurta sets. These special occasion-worthy kurta sets are tailored from fancier fabrics such as tulle, silk, etc. and often showcase intricate embroidery work replete with ornate embellishments.



Kurta sets are the go-to dressing options for women who want to explore effortless dressing choices suitable for wedding festivities and celebratory events. Kurta sets are loved and adored by millions of Indian women and for all the right reasons. At Falguni Shane Peacock, this simple yet elaborate traditional wear can be explored in a variety of fabrics, silhouettes and designs. There is a vast variety to experiment with when it comes to kurta sets, from straight-fit kurtas and high-slit kurta options to elaborate anarkalis and cape kurta sets. Not just this, you can also experiment with different fabrics to achieve distinctive looks. The bottoms you pair with your kurta can also alter the look of your kurta set. Palazzos, churidars, straight pants, flared pants, salwars, etc. are some of the most popular options preferred by most women.

Party wear kurta sets are a must-have in every Indian woman’s wardrobe, as these are one of the most convenient traditional wear options to style for any sudden plans.



What occasions are suitable for wearing a party wear kurta set?

Party wear kurta set for women can be worn and styled for various festive and celebratory events including wedding festivities, anniversary or birthday celebrations, and for any other celebratory events.

Can I find a designer party wear kurta set for women online and how do I choose the right one?

Of course, you can find high-quality women party wear kurta sets online. consider different factors such as the occasion you are going to attend, the fabric of the kurta, the design and the embroidery style when picking a party wear kurta set online.

Are there specific trends in designer party wear kurta sets for women currently popular?

Some of the most popular trends in women party wear kurta sets online currently are cape kurta sets, kurta sets with palazzo bottoms, and embellished kurta sets replete with modern embellishments such as sequins. feathers, crystals and beads. Party-wear kurta sets with detachable elements such as sleeves and capes are also gaining massive popularity among fashion-conscious women.

Can I customise the colour of my party wear kurta set for women to match a specific theme or event?

Of course, you can match the colour of your designer party wear kurta set for women to a particular event or theme. Make sure you communicate your wish to the designer to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Can I wear a party wear kurta set for women to a formal gathering or office part?

Yes, you can wear a party wear kurta set to a formal gathering or an office event if you want to. Pick a kuta set in subtle colours and minimal designs to ensure a professional and put-together look.

How can style a party wear kurta set for women for a modern contemporary look?

To achieve a modern contemporary look, you can experiment with deeper necklines, high slits, asymmetrical hemlines, fancy footwear and statement accessories.

Can I find women party wear kurta sets online with unconventional textures and fabrics?

Yes, you can. New-age designers are experimenting with newer fabrics and textures to create uniquely modern designs. Some of the most popular fabrics with designers to achieve this are tulle, leather, denim, raffia, etc.

Can I wear a party wear kurta set for women to traditional ceremonies and religious functions?

Yes, you can. Party wear kurta sets online are the perfect traditional garments to dress up for religious functions and traditional ceremonies. All you need to do is pick a party wear kurta set for women with a traditional aesthetic.

Can I find budget-friendly options for women party wear kurta sets online without compromising on style?

Yes, you can. Depending on your budget, you can browse through various brands and online marketplaces to find budget-friendly options. Keep an eye on upcoming and ongoing sales, readymade collections and discounts to find your ideal party wear kurta set on a budget.

Can I find a party wear kurta set with ready-made or pre-stitched options for convenience?

Of course, you can. You can explore ready-made or pre-stitched options if you are on a time crunch. The good part is that you can get these ready-to-wear women party wear kurta sets online for a seamless fit.

Can I customize the length of my kurta or pants for a more personalised fit?

Most designers offer customisation services to ensure a seamless fit. You can adjust the length of the kurta as well as the pants for a personalised look. Make sure to discuss the customisation requests with your designer beforehand to avoid any confusion.

Can I find party wear kurta sets for women with unique and artistic prints?

Yes, you can. Designers these days are incorporating unique artistic prints including floral motifs, abstract patterns and baroque designs in their party wear kurta designs.

Can I wear a party wear kurta set for women to a daytime event, or are they more suitable for evenings?

Party wear kurta sets are suitable to be worn for both daytime and night-time events. But you can always pick your party wear kurta set for women based on the time of the event. For daytime events, lighter hues and fabrics are more suitable. For night-time events, you can pick deeper shades with heavier embellishments.

How can I accessorise women party wear kurta sets online for a complete and elegant look?

The best way to accessorise your party wear kurta set is by adding statement jewellery pieces including necklaces, earrings, rings, headpieces, etc. Additional accessories such as a statement clutch and an elegant pair of footwear also elevate your party wear look.

Can I find women party wear kurta sets online with high slits for a more fashionable look?

Party wear kurta sets with high slits are in fashion and give a modern contemporary look. You can customise the length of the side slits as per your height.

How can I ensure my kurta set design is on-trend and fashionable?

To ensure that your party wear kurta set for women designs are in sync with the ongoing fashion fads, follow your favourite designers on social media and also subscribe to your favourite fashion magazines.

How can I choose footwear to complement my party wear kurta set?

The right type of footwear can elevate your party wear kurta look. Make sure to pick footwear that not only complements your party wear kurta set for women but is also comfortable to wear. You can either pick a pair of heels or you can also opt for an embellished pair of flats to match your party wear kurta.

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