A saree gown is the perfect option to choose when you can't decide between a traditional and a contemporary outfit. The Indo-western outfit is the perfect amalgamation of the best elements of a saree and a gown that offers the comfort of a gown and elegance of a saree. The versatile garment can be explored in various designs, adorned with intricate embroideries and embellishments in every colour you wish for.

At Falguni Shane Peacock, we believe in making bolder choices and standing out from the crowd; and what better way than showcasing your sartorial choices?Every single Falguni Shane peacock ensemble is curated for fashion enthusiasts who like to make style statements. Our saree gown designs are no exception and are the perfect tool to showcase your inner fashionista.




The great Indian wedding calls for an equally elaborate ensemble; and what better than a sequin and crystal encrusted saree gown by Falguni Shane Peacock? The exquisite wedding saree gown collection is designed to add the required, elegance, oomph and drama to your ensemble. Make your look stand out with statement jewellery pieces and decorative fashion accessories.


The perfect party-wear saree gown should be lightweight, and glamorous and allow ease of movement without compromising on the style aspect. The party-wear saree gown designs at Falguni Shane Peacock are curated from flowy and breathable fabrics for an effortless drape and flare. These fashionable saree gowns showcase intricate embroidery patterns adorned with an assortment of embellishments for a party-appropriate look.


Saree gowns are worn by numerous brides as their reception outfit as the Indo-western attire is easy to carry and offers the right amount of glamour. The reception saree gown designs by Falguni Shane Peacock are seamlessly tailored from luxe fabrics. They are meticulously decorated with crystals, beads, stones, sequins, tassels and feathers to make you feel like a million bucks on your special day.



Q: What is a saree gown, and how does it differ from a traditional saree?

A saree gown is a pre-stitched outfit similar to the traditional saree. It is a modern interpretation of the saree that combines various elements of a gown and a saree. For people who struggle with draping a saree, a saree gown is the perfect outfit choice.

Q: Can I find wedding saree gowns with unique and contemporary designs?

You can find designer saree gowns with modern silhouettes, unique designs, and contemporary elements to match your taste.

Q: Can I customise the design of my wedding saree gown for a personalised touch?

If your designer offers customisation services, then you can change some of the elements of your saree gown to make it more personalised.

Q: Are there specific trends in saree gown designs that are popular currently?

Some of the popular trends in saree gowns are gowns with unique blouse styles, saree gowns with feather detailing, saree gowns with long capes, saree gowns with long trails and unique draping styles.

Q: Can I wear a saree gown for a wedding or formal event?

Of course, you can. Saree gowns can be worn for weddings as well as formal events, providing a modern and convenient alternative to traditional sarees and gowns.

Q: How can I choose the right fabric for my saree gown design?

Preferrable fabrics for saree gowns are fabrics that drape elegantly and match the formality of the occasion. Some of the popular fabrics for saree gowns are georgette, silk, tulle, satin and crepe.

Q: Can I find a budget-friendly option for a saree gown online?

Yes, you can find a saree gown online on a budget without compromising on the quality. Many platforms (marketplace websites) offer saree gowns at different price points in a wide range of designs. Off-season shopping, discounts and sales are a great time to shop.

Q: Can I wear a saree gown for a daytime event?

Yes, you can wear a saree gown for a daytime event. Make sure to pick a saree gown design that is appropriate for daytime occasions. Choose colours, fabrics and embroidery /embellishments that are daytime-appropriate.

Q: How can I accessorize my saree gown designs for a complete look?

The easiest way to accessorise your gown for a cohesive look is to add statement jewellery pieces, a matching bag and a pair of suitable footwear. Do not go overboard with accessories as this may create a misbalance.

Q: Can I find a saree gown online with traditional Indian design elements?

Yes, many designers incorporate traditional motifs, embellishments and intricate zari work to reflect cultural influences in their saree gown designs.

Q: Can I wear a wedding saree gown for a cocktail party or reception?

Saree gowns are a great option to sport at a cocktail or reception party. Pick a design that matches the formality and the time of the event.

Q: Can I wear a wedding saree gown for festivals or family functions?

Yes, you can wear saree gowns to various events and occasions, including family get-togethers and festivals. Pick a saree gown that matches the formality of the event.

Q: Can I find a wedding saree gown online with a modest design?

Yes, you can find a saree gown online with modest designs to match your requirements. Many designers create saree gown designs with modest elements such as higher necklines, long sleeves and full-length drapes.

Q: Can I purchase a saree gown online and get it delivered internationally?

With technological advancement, you can now shop for products online internationally and get them delivered to your doorstep. Make sure to read the shipping and return policy thoroughly before placing your order with an international website or seller.

Q: Can I find saree gowns with a fusion of Western and traditional design elements?

You can find saree gowns with both traditional and Western elements to create a fusion look. You can choose a saree gown design with the traditional silhouette but with contemporary design elements.

Q: How can I ensure the saree gown design I order online fits perfectly?

Try to find a seller/designer who can customise the saree gown design to fit you perfectly. The next step to ensure a snug fit is to provide accurate measurements and specify any customisation requests beforehand.

Q: Can I find saree gowns with detachable elements for versatility?

Yes, you can find saree gowns with detachable elements such as sleeves, capes and trails for versatility. You can create multiple looks with detachable elements and wear your saree gown design in different ways.

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