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When we talk about Indian attire for women, the first name that pops up is a saree. A saree is undoubtedly the most popular Indian attire out there. This simple yet elaborate traditional wear has existed for ages and has retained its charm and popularity with each passing century.

The latest wedding sarees are a popular day-to-day attire worn by innumerable Indian women. But apart from that, sarees have also been the preferred bridal attire for Indian brides for a very long time. Traditional latest wedding sarees were usually curated on a silk base in vibrant hues such as red and maroon and were embellished with exquisite golden embroidery and embellishments. Even today, many brides prefer to wear sarees on their wedding days instead of a lehenga (another popular Indian traditional outfit).

Today, modern brides love to experiment with their bridal saree. Brides are more open to trying new colours, unique embroidery, and different fabrics and embellishments. To make the bridal dreams of modern brides come to life, the luxury designer brand, Falguni Shane Peacock has curated an exquisite collection of the latest saree designs to suit the individual needs of every bride out there. These stunning creations are curated especially to cater to the fashion needs of modern brides who want to follow traditional values but at the same time are in sync with the current fashion fads.


Sarees for different occasions

Latest wedding sarees

Latest wedding sarees are meant to be on the elaborate side in terms of embroidery, work and embellishments. The bespoke collection of the latest saree design at Falguni Shane Peacock is replete with the latest wedding sarees comprising heavily embellished latest wedding sarees curated on luxe fabrics to make you look and feel like royalty on your big day.

Partywear latest saree design

Sarees are the perfect Indian traditional outfit suitable to be worn at parties and elaborate family get-togethers. Partywear sarees are often curated with breathable fabrics such as tulle or silk and often have lightweight embellishments such as sequins and threadwork on them. This way you can look put-together for the gathering but at the same time be at ease when moving around or dancing your heart out.

Latest saree design for engagement

A lot of brides choose to wear the latest saree design for their engagement ceremony as for the wedding most brides prefer to wear a bridal lehenga. Engagement is an elaborate ceremony and thus, an engagement latest saree design needs to be just as opulent. At Falguni Shane Peacock, we have a wide range of engagement sarees to choose from. From drape saree to saree gowns, we have everything a modern bride would want for her engagement saree. Heavily embellished sarees, feather sarees, sequin sarees, tulle sarees—the choices are innumerable.

Festive wear latest saree design

The festive season calls for dressing up to the nines and what better attire than a stunning latest saree design to dress up in for the festivities? Festivals are all about getting together with your family and friends and celebrating the little moments of joy. To avoid any hindrances in your festivities, we have curated the perfect festive wear saree collection for you. Lightweight sarees curated on tulle base in stunning hues, embellished with lightweight embellishments such as sequins, feathers and crystals are the perfect festive attire.



What are the latest trends in saree designs for weddings?

The latest saree design trends include luxe fabrics, intricate embroidery, a combination of contemporary and traditional motifs and unique draping styles. The latest saree designs for wedding with unique colour combinations and ornate embellishments are also popular these days.

Where can I find the latest saree design online?

There are various online platforms where you can explore the latest wedding sarees, including popular designer websites, marketplaces specialising in traditional wear and traditional saree stores’ websites. If you are looking for unique latest saree designs for wedding, make sure to check out the collections at your favourite designer stores.

Can I find the latest wedding sarees that are a fusion of traditional and modern elements?

Yes, some designers specialise in creating that perfect fusion of modern design elements with traditional craftsmanship. Falguni Shane Peacock is one designer brand which specialises in traditional wear blended with contemporary designs. Their latest wedding sarees feature innovative drapes, unconventional embellishments and contemporary cuts.

Are there specific fabrics that are trending for the latest designer sarees for wedding?

Fabrics such as tulle, silk, georgette and organza are popular choices for the latest wedding sarees. Lightweight and sturdy fabrics are always a good choice for wedding sarees as they are comfortable to wear and offer a good base for heavy embellishments.

Can I get a customized latest saree design for my wedding?

Some designers do offer customisation services. You can either make minute changes to their latest saree design or you can create a completely new design with your choice of fabric, colour, embroidery and blouse design to create a wedding saree that matches your style.

What are the popular colour choices for the latest wedding sarees?

The classic traditional colours such as red, maroon and pink will always be on top of the list. But modern brides are opting for unconventional bridal colours including pastel shades like mint green, blush and lavender. Metallic tones such as golden, silver, and copper and jewel tones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby are also a hit amongst brides.

Are there budget-friendly options for the latest designer sarees for wedding?

All the latest saree designs for wedding is unique and takes a lot of time to create. From conceptualization to curation, a designer saree takes hours in the making which is why designer sarees cost more than your average ready-to-wear sarees.

How far in advance should I start looking for the latest wedding sarees?

It is always advised to start your wedding saree shopping at least 3-4 months before the wedding date. This will leave you with enough time to find the latest saree designs for wedding and leave enough room for alterations and customisation without any last-minute rush.

Can I pair the latest designer sarees for wedding with modern accessories?

Of course. You can style your saree with whatever accessories you feel like. Modern accessories like embellished belts, body chains and head-pieces are perfect to create a look which is a fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Are there sarees specifically designed for different ceremonies, such as mehndi, sangeet, and the wedding?

Of course. Since each of these functions varies in terms of the scale of grandeur, the outfit too needs to be picked accordingly. To fulfil this requirement, designers often create different saree collections suitable for different occasions and you can accordingly shop for your choice of event.

How can I style a saree for a destination wedding?

For a destination wedding, opt for lightweight fabrics such as tulle. Pick a saree which has minimalistic embellishments such as light threadwork or sequin embroidery. Drape the saree in a way which allows easy movement. Practicality and climate are two of the most important factors when picking a saree for destination weddings.

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