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Explore our New Menswear Collection

The new mens wear collection at Falguni Shane Peacock showcases traditional new outfit for men who want to embrace Indian wear but with a modern twist to it. The latest new menswear collection features dapper sherwanis, minimalistic kurta sets and elegant bandi sets in breathtaking hues with intricate embroidery adorned with ornate embellishments to add to the beauty of these designer new outfit for men.

The designer new mens wear collection showcases a variety of traditional outfits such as sherwanis, bandi sets and kurta sets in modern silhouettes perfect to be worn at traditional settings (such as weddings and wedding-related festivities) as well as semi-formal events.


How to style your new mens wear effortlessly?


A sherwani is a timeless and quintessential traditional outfit for men, especially for grooms as their wedding day attire. An elaborate bandhgala sherwani curated from high-quality fabric with intricate embroidery can be paired with a pair of solid, well-fitted pants and a matching safa or a dupatta.

Kurta Sets

Kurta sets are minimalistic new mens wear which can be styled as per the requirement of the wearer. If you want to keep your look low-key, a nice pair of shoes or a wristwatch is all you need. To take your kurta set look to the next level, you can add statement jewellery pieces such as earcuffs, brooches, necklaces, etc.

Bandi Sets

A bandi set or a Nehru jacket is a low-maintenance traditional new mens wear popular amongst new-age men who want to embrace traditional wear but also want to keep it low-key. There are various ways to style your bandi set effortlessly by adding a nice watch, a matching safa or minimalistic jewellery pieces if you don’t mind that.


If you are open to trying out different footwear options, you can explore mojaris, juttis, sandals and formal footwear to team up with your traditional and semi-traditional new mens wear.


Accessories are always a great option to elevate your look and add more depth and character to the ensemble. Based on your preference you can add accessories such as a classic watch, necklace, safa (turban), dupatta, etc. to enhance your look.



What defines the latest trends in new outfit for men?

There are numerous factors which define the new mens wear fashion. These factors include unique fabric choices, modern silhouettes, innovative cuts and an amalgamation of formal and casual styles. The ongoing and upcoming fashion trends are based on emerging influences and fashion seasons.

Where can I find new outfit for men collections online?

To explore the new style mens wear collection on various online platforms such as brand official websites, fashion websites, designer websites and specialised websites for traditional menswear.

Can I find a new outfit for men that balance style and comfort?

Of course. There are brand-new menswear collections which focus both on comfort and style. Designers and brands are majorly focused on creating menswear which is in sync with the ongoing fashion fads and is also comfortable for everyday wear.

Are there specific fabrics that are trending in new outfit for men collections?

Technical fabrics, sustainable materials and blends of traditional materials like linen and cotton are often a part of the latest menswear collections. Eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable fabrics are gaining immense popularity amongst designers as well as wearers.

How frequently are new outfit for men collections released?

New collections are released at the beginning of every season, typically for the spring/summer and fall/winter. However, some designers and brands release limited-edition collections and capsule collections throughout the year.

Can I find versatile pieces in new outfit for men collections that can be styled for various occasions?

Of course, you can. A lot of brands are focused on creating versatile pieces that can be styled for various occasions including both formal and informal settings.

What are the latest colour trends in new mens wear?

Some of the most popular colours for new style mens wear include a balanced mix of bold, pastel as well as classic neutrals. Pastels, earthy tones and vibrant shades are popular choices, based on the fashion influences and season.

How can I stay updated on the latest trends in new mens wear?

Some of the best ways to stay updated with the latest trends in menswear are to follow fashion magazines, fashion blogs and menswear influencers on various social media platforms. Another great way to stay updated is to subscribe to newsletters from your favourite retailers and brands to receive updates on new trends, collections and exclusive offers.

Are there new mens wear styles inspired by cultural influences or street fashion?

Yes, menswear fashion is inspired by cultural influences as well as street fashion. Elements like cultural motifs, streetwear aesthetics and global influences are reflected in contemporary as well as traditional menswear collection designs.

How can I transform my wardrobe with pieces from the latest menswear collection for different occasions?

Look for versatile pieces which you can mix and match and layer with other pieces seamlessly. For example, invest in basic kurtas in different colours and then get a few statement bandis that you can easily pair with all your kurta sets, based on the occasion.

Are there specific trends in accessories that complement the latest menswear styles?

Accessories can take your look to the next level. Watches, a dapper pair of shoes, minimalistic jewellery and good-quality leather accessories are a great way to elevate any outfit.

Can I find new mens wear outfit ideas for men that seamlessly blend casual and traditional elements?

Of course, you can. Traditional outfits can easily be coupled with casual elements such as a blazer or a pair of seamlessly tailored pants. All you need to do is strike a balance between the two aspects.

Are there specific trends in patterns or prints that are popular in new outfit for men collections?

Traditional motifs, abstract prints and embellished patterns are gaining popularity with new mens wear.

Can I find new outfit for men collections that offer a blend of traditional and Western styles?

Yes, there are designer brands that specialise in offering a blend of traditional and western new style mens wear. At Falguni Shane Peacock, you can explore a wide range of new mens wear which is the perfect amalgamation of modern silhouettes and traditional motifs.

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